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Power for Powder

It’s hard to find a business that dramatic weather has impacted more than mountain resorts. This segment has been dealt a triple threat. Climate change resulting in lower snow totals and thinner snow pack, increasing energy demand and consumption, and uncontrollable energy costs all threaten the viability of the mountain resort business.

Experts predict that snowfall will decline 25% in the next decade. And there’s the prevailing wisdom that waiting until 2030 to become 100% renewable is abject failure. Moving off fossil fuels and diesel generators is not just a moral imperative, it’s a financial one.

The change agent is storage, and advances in technology and manufacturing have now made this solution attainable to all business owners. When storage is paired with a PV system, resort operators can minimize the dependence on expensive fossil fuels and unreliable centralized electricity.

Batteries can effectively reduce or eliminate your peak demand charges and add predictability to your fuel costs. Clean backup power lowers the dependence on fossil fuel-based sources during high demand periods, blackouts, or at times when there’s little or no sun.

E2 Smart Power Solutions

Fortunately, you now can utilize E2 Smart Power Solutions for higher power quality, energy efficiency and cost savings. We package E2 Solar + Storage with our next generation E2 PowerPad and partner offerings to maximize your profitability and further offset your carbon footprint with clean energy.

We deliver on site solar energy production, storage, and charging and have formed partnerships with the most innovative manufacturers to pair E2 PowerPads to the performance, range and time requirements of electric snowmobile and snow equipment models. Our E2 Smart Power Solutions create a distributed generation microgrid for resiliency and true sustainability.

In addition, E2 Smart Power solutions can be deployed on the slopes to power snow making machines and chair lifts, or in the parking lots where skiers drive up, dine, or stay. Visitors can now charge their electric vehicles (EVs) on the power of the sun while they enjoy all amenities your resort has to offer.

Solar + Storage = Sustainable Savings

The renewable energy trend is well underway for large and small operators. As an example, Aspen Skiing Company now generates 24 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy annually from utilities they own. Mount Ashland Ski Area, located in Southern Oregon, powers their snowcats by generating 25,000 kilowatt hours of energy from rooftop solar panels installed on the parking structures. Vail Resorts has a 100% renewable energy initiative underway. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows plans to utilize up to 100% renewable energy.

Are you looking to:

  • Prepare for intermittent, unreliable power with back up solar power with storage?
  • Need to replace aging combustion engines with electric machines?
  • Create a cleaner, more sustainable environment for visitors, staff and community?

We offer a number of ready to deploy E2 PowerPad designs that assimilate to your resort environment and are integrated with our partners’ fleets. We include purchase, lease and finance options for many of your operations.

“Being at the helm of a world-class ski resort is a dream. I can’t imagine anything more satisfying than the excitement of the season, scenic beauty, employees dedicated to doing their best, but the business is punishing.”

— Spokesperson for Snow Resort Operation

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