EnergyTwo is transforming resort parking lots into clean power plants

EnergyTwo (E2) LLC designs, develops and manages clean energy generation, storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging systems for businesses and streamlines construction by containing all the components and digital smarts in one unit, the E2 PowerPad.

4 PILLARS for resort operators

EnergyTwo (E2) LLC designs, develops and manages clean energy systems for resorts: ski, water and golf. E2 delivers a remarkable payback period ranging from 2 to 7 years.

Only E2 offers distributed generation (DG), resiliency (whole home and enterprise back up) and clean electric vehicle (EV) charging in a single, cost saving solution.

The E2 PowerPad™ is the first expandable, smart charging station combined in a clean power plant that can be deployed on mountains, marinas and golf course parking lots, where utility costs are high and power can be unreliable.

The E2 Open Ecosystem is our consortium of the World’s top leaders spanning renewable technology to finance partners all working together to accelerate the clean energy transition.


Integrate E2 PowerPads

E2 Open Ecosystem generation, storage and digital service partners optimize the E2 PowerPad to intelligently integrate the solution across your entire enterprise. Leverage cheaper, clean power for your most demanding energy operations like ski lifts and spa facilities. Build in redundant power for high season, hospitality and special events.

Rebates, Grants & Tax Credits

E2 beats the competition every time by combining world class renewable technology with rebates, grants and tax credits. Commercial customers typically pay 35 to 40 cents on every dollar invested. The balance comes in the form of subsidies. Don’t wait to start your E2 clean power project.

Experienced Team You Can Trust

E2 has a proven world-class management team that has collectively installed 1 GW of clean power around the world.

E2 Grows With You

E2 is poised to grow with several trend points: Power insecurity, rising utility rates and the flood of EVs with the need for point of destination charging. There are major incentives at each link in the value chain: solar power generation, battery storage and charging.

Fleet Leasing

E2 offers fleet leasing so you can replace diesel burning machines with sustainable EVs from snowmobiles to personal watercraft.

Light Your Way to Clean Power and EV CharginG

With the E2 three-phase approach, you see the benefits right away and lock in the lowest energy costs today and for decades to come while giving your customers an unequaled experience as they transition to EVs.

Phase 1

Take simple steps now to reach your energy efficiency goals by replacing old high intensity, high CO2 emitting industrial lights with LEDs with a calculated payback period of 2 to 5 years.

Phase 2

Use the savings to invest in E2 PowerPads to offset your energy bill, provide battery backup and offer clean EV charging and recoup your investment in 7 years.

Phase 3

Expand your renewable energy consumption to 90% with new sources of revenue from EV charging and lock in the lowest cost of energy for 25 years.

Track Record and Growth Potential

The E2 team has completed energy effciency and generation projects across the US since 2010 for mountain resorts, golf courses and major brands like Solar City, GE, Walgreens, Target, Del Monte, Google and top energy developers.

E2 has an expanding pipeline of projects estimated at $250M in qualified customer opportunities in North America across all E2 market segments, including mountains, marinas and golf resorts, multi-family properties, municipalities, wineries, farms and ranches.

The mountain resort segment includes more than 150 resorts. Managers are seeing a three-fold increase in energy costs and are primed for lowering energy expenses by starting or expanding energy efficiency improvements.

Qualified Business

vertical markets

Mountain Resorts

Bogus Basin – Where Sustainability Meets Safety

For resorts like Bogus Basin that offer night skiing, lights produce the most CO2 of all the operations and command a sizable portion of the utility bill. The switch to LEDs alone will save more than $100,000 annually. Consistent quality from an engineered solution continues to deliver a better, safer experience for skiers and boarders.

Invest in Your Own Projects and Maximize Sponsor Equity

Sponsor equity is defined as the state and local incentives, rebates and Federal and State tax credits that you receive as a strategic partner of E2 when developing energy projects with us.


Receive up to 40-60% of the cost of installation. Incentives will never be greater, are first come, first served and sell out. Embark on your energy self-sufficiency path today.


 On energy projects that don’t meet ROI metrics but sponsor equity remains, E2 finances 40-60% for 7 years to offset expenditures and maximize returns through the E2 Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for time remaining.

Captive Fund

The E2 PPA is a 20 to 25-year term agreement for projects developed by EnergyTwo DevCo LLC and financed by EnergyTwo Capital LLC with E2 development funds.

Turn EV Charging into a Money Maker

Share your utility bill and learn how to become a destination clean charging station.

Get In Touch

The EnergyTwo LLC team is ready to answer your questions about the E2 PowerPad, sustainable energy solutions for your business or community, and to discuss investment opportunities for communities and businesses just like yours. Get engaged in the energy evolution from fossil to forever fuels with EnergyTwo.

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