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On a global scale, 90% of wine producers have already felt the effects of climate change in recent years and the outlook is not favorable. Particularly in the western US, years of drought conditions, wildfires, and power outages have already caused wine growers and farmers to rethink their operations and sustainability efforts.

As a trusted energy partner, E2 can help you reduce utility and labor costs, while offering a sustainable energy plan delivering peace of mind in challenging conditions. 

E2 Solar + Storage Smart Power Solutions

E2 solutions deliver on-site solar energy production, storage and charging for the ever-expanding herd of new eVehicles. Working with innovative electric tractor and battery companies, E2 offers world class, state of the art, efficient, mobile farming solutions and integrated to E2 PowerPads. E2 PowerPads serve as a hub and micro grid energy infrastructure where you work, with power backup onsite for resiliency against power outages and fires.

We offer E2 PowerPads integrated to our partners fleet vehicles that include commercial or E2 backed leasing and finance options for specific farm business uses: E2 Powerpads can be deployed in the field and/or in the parking lot to serve your fleet while the consumer version can deliver a new level of convenience and hospitality to customers. eVehicles owners will seek out your winery as a destination so they can charge their electric vehicles on the power of the sun while enjoying their wine tasting experience.

Invite the E2 PowerPad team to customize a version that reflects the needs and architectural style of your winery. We assimilate e-infrastructure to your property, so you don’t have to add another crisis to manage.

Solar + Storage = Sustainable Savings

Sun is the lifeblood for grapes just as solar power should be the lifeblood for wine producers and wineries. In California, the capacity of new solar systems range from 2 kilowatts (kW) to well over 1 megawatt (MW). The technology itself is reliable for extended periods of time as solar product warranties last 20 to 25 years, while the life of service is 40 to 50 years with minor upgrades and maintenance.

Wineries can earn a 20% return on their investment in solar panels alone. Solar power improves the economics of photovoltaics, thereby shrinking your energy dependency annually with battery storage taking on more of the energy load which is incentivized by the utility with changing rate plans (B-rate plans).

  • Looking to get more power at a lower price from the sun with storage options?
  • Need to replace aging combustion tractors with new, smart and efficient electric tractors?
  • Want to create a healthier environment for customers and workers?
  • Would you like to offer customers a new incentive to visit and stay longer at your winery?

We offer several E2 PowerPad designs integrated to our fleet vehicles from our partners that include commercial or E2 backed leasing and finance options for specific farm business uses.

“Harvesting solar power with storage shaves utility expenses and provides peace of mind we can better survive climate calamities and business downturns. Now we’re looking to add electric tractors and charge our visitors EVs with E2 PowerPads and Smart Energy solutions.”

— Spokesperson for Wine and Hospitality Industry

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