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Charge into the Future

Life is full of uncertainty. Add a measure of control over the energy that runs your home with E2 Solar + Storage.

In the West, you’re constantly bombarded with news about drought, wildfires and power outages resulting from more severe weather — heat, wind and cold.

It’s not only inconvenient. It’s downright disruptive. By installing an E2 Solar + Storage system, you can avoid sharing a generator with your friends and neighbors to run your fridge

Your E2 Solar+ Storage system is designed for you to go off-grid when calamity strikes and keep your entire home running for up to 7 days without the typical recharging from the sun, so you are covered for your refrigerator and a whole lot more without the stress of fuel running out. (A typical home 200 Amp service panel is entirely backed up by the E2 designed system).

Become your own clean power station

Depend less on your utility company and become more sustainable by being your own renewable power station with E2 Solar +Storage installed at your home.

Utility incentives and rebates have nearly run out in most states. If it is about your money and security, the time is now to install E2 Solar + Storage.

Did you know the government offers both Solar + Storage incentives and rebates? That means your overall payback period is shorter and less than 10 years in most cases.

Take advantage of Solar + Storage incentives and rebates while they last

Reap the rewards of a 26% Federal Tax Incentive Credit when you switch to solar. Combined with Storage incentives you are burning cash in your fireplace if you wait any longer.

Storage rebates are running out quickly and in CA the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) provides homeowners in CA and upfront rebate for installing an energy storage system, now ranging from $200 to $1,000 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for residents in certain states like California who qualify in one of three areas:

  • Low-income households.
  • High-risk fire areas.
  • Households subject to Safety Power Shutoffs.

See if you fall into one of these three buckets an extra incentive for what are called “Equity Resiliency” projects may be available to you.

Did you know utility prices have increased 20% in the past 10 years, while the cost of residential solar has decreased 50%?

Smart Path to Energy Savings, Protect against Future Utility Rate Hikes and Future Proof Your Home with E2

You installed Solar Already?

  • + Storage. Incorporate a wall battery to generate more electricity or serve as a power source when the sun or the grid is down with the Solar system you installed already. Often any upgrades are paid for by the rebates and ITC.
  • +EV Charging. Have an EV, and/or thinking of purchasing but you’re stuck charging with dirty power?

We can help your clean machines go all the way on clean power.

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