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  • Rising Costs

  • Fires

  • Outages

Uncertain Times

Farmers just like residential consumers across California are looking for alternatives to the grid more now than ever as they face threats of wildfires, severe weather conditions and rolling blackouts. Add to the list the concern of rate hikes when energy is already a large expense on the income sheet as the state sets targets for greater electrification and reduction in air polluting gas and diesel.

E2 Solar + Storage Smart Solutions and partners take pride in helping family farmers, wineries and growing ag operations meet their commitments to sustainable practices, energy conservation and land stewardship with clean energy production, storage and charging.

Solar + Storage = Financial Savings

According to a recent report, solar-plus-storage systems pay back in less than seven years for a typical medium-sized commercial customer in the sun belt spending $120,000 per year on electricity with savings corresponding to an NPV of $90,000.

We’ve created a phased approach from distributed generation to micro-grid community production designed for self-consumption, load shifting, and peak shaving. Our E2 Smart Power Solution ensures your electricity demands are met by shifting the times from production to storage day and night to smooth electrical load during times of high demand and minimize cost.

E2 + Partners + You

Working with the innovative electric tractor and battery manufacturers, we can deploy E2 PowerPads, fully contained AgSheds. They are mobile and modular to handle growing electric farm equipment needs and improve worker conditions across multiple fields where electricity is sparse or non-existent. 

  • Looking to get more power at a lower price from the sun with storage options?  
  • Need to replace aging combustion tractors and researching electric ones?  
  • Want to create a better, healthier environment?  

We offer a number of ready to deploy E2 PowerPad kit designs integrated with our fleet partner models including leasing and finance options for specific farm business uses. 

“Deciding to supercharge farming with E2 is wise. Aiming to run operations off the power of the sun allows farm generations to be old and new school at the same time.”

— Spokesperson for Nunn Better Farms

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